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  • Monday, 17 December 2012
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  • By now most of us, as business owners, have learned that there is an absolute place for print, the Internet and newsletters emailing not replace the effectiveness of what a newsletter form can be achieved. The emailed newsletter, of course, was attractive low cost, unlimited numbers only found out that a good number of them do not even read because they are so easy to remove, transmit or tell yourself you look just never to return later as your e-mail box is flooded with new email messages. So we return to the print newsletter and is good ... if only we could get the cost, because although they are effective in the email newsletter ways can never be, also cost money upfront newsletters that don 't. In other words, it takes money to make money. And so, although we do, we constantly ask ourselves is there a cheaper way to print these damn things.

    There is. And, if you do well, you can even print free, or make a profit from them.

    This avenue is another short run newspapers, the media is only now actually on the rise recently and is available only to the general public.

    Newspapers offer many benefits in a standard newspaper. They are much larger, have an inherent professional touch, are less expensive and, most importantly, allow unquestionable credibility to advertising sales ... something a regular newsletter, simply does not provide. Because of this, it is almost unbelievably easy, not only to recover the cost of printing, but in many cases across the country, actually generates extra income or revenue.

    The cost of a wheel of a black and white part, eight and a half by eleven years, is about dime and get as low as 5 cents per package. The cost of 4 pages of 11 "by 14" paper, is also ten cents per 2,500 newspapers. About seven cents for 5000 and a penny per 10,000. It is extremely cheap to begin with, but if you went out and got friends or neighbors in business to pay only $ 50 each to put an ad in the newspaper, had actually offset printing costs altogether. You now have the space to allow advertising without interfering with its own content, its business community will love being able to reach the eyes of its customers and is very cheap, and to do so ... at $ 50.00 per 2,500 newspapers, are coming to your customer list only 2 cents each. For 5,000 newspapers, to 1 cent each.

    Many companies are actually using your color newsletter to make extra income as a church in Colorado that brings in about $ 1,000 of income over costs for Christian newspaper in your area ... much needed funds for programs your church before could not meet.


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