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  • The print media is a booming business in fact has been around a long time and will definitely stay much longer. Print medium refers to everything that is printed on any kind of paper with the use of the ink, the ink may be of a single color or several colors used in cognition together. Since the time of printing, print media has been making a steady growth of newspapers, but has advanced to magazines, flyers, brochures and posters, etc.

    This clearly shows that the demand for and usefulness of media has grown over time and to meet this demand, new techniques and mechanisms involved. There are many who argue that online marketing has more advantages over the print media, the first is reasonably cheap and knows no boundaries time and distance. If this can be true to some extent, there are numerous advantages which print media has yet which are as follows.

    • The print, which can be newspapers and / or magazines, have a very loyal audience. This means that there are millions of men and women who regularly read their newspaper and magazine subscriptions, advertisers can use this to your advantage and reach the target market.

    • One of the biggest advantages of print media is perhaps its credibility. Because many of the advertising campaigns can be run online for absolutely no cost, a large number of scams have also arisen leads to the fact that the user has a hard time believing that one of them is real and credible. Moreover, large-scale advertising through print can cost a lot of money that spammers are probably reluctant to spend. Newspapers and magazines also renowned not place your ad for something that is not authentic and has a significant market base.

    • print medium is very effective when targeting marketing campaign to a specific niche of people. For example, if you are promoting a brand of laptop or cell phone, an ad near universities, schools and restaurants where young people often hang out will generate a lot of revenue.

    • Banners, flyers, brochures and magazines to be in front of the eyes of the market conducted for a long time. For example, you can pick up a brochure from a store you are visiting, this flyer or brochure stays in your car or your desk and you will automatically be returned to it again and again, which serves as an effective reminder. Therefore, different printing services are still very much in vogue.

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