Color Newsletter

Color newsletter printing is an expensive investment when it comes to printing. For some firms, it might actually be too expensive to continue it for a very long time. For these kinds of situations, you have to know the right times when it is important to use color in newsletter printing and when to save your money and just go for black and white. To help you chose the right time for color and non-color newsletter printing we have created this guide. This should help you decide on the right situations for the right kind of color printing.

When to use color newsletters:
For public relations campaigns, it is always a must to print newsletters in color. Since you want to impress your public and project an air of professionalism and reliability, color newsletters are a must to display all of that. Well made and colorful images about your products, your services and of course about your company can really go a long way in impressing potential customers and investors. You always want to put your best foot forward with them and not use anything that looks cheap. So for PR campaigns, your newsletters must always be color whatever happens.

Advertising driven newsletters - Also, if your newsletter is advertising driven, it is also important to print your newsletters in color. Not only does this allow you to charge more in terms of advertising, it should also make your advertisers more happy, since they will have the option to advertise in color as well. Newsletters and advertising will always work better in color than in black and white, so always have a color newsletter when they do come together.

Special editions - Lastly for special commemorative issues and editions of your newsletters, it is always best to print newsletters in color. Color adds a special element to newsletters that make it come alive and attract people. Special editions won't do well in black and white since it is boring and basically almost dead. You won't want to celebrate your special issue with that note right? So always print in color for your special issues.
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