Way to Display Information with Newsletter Printing

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  • Tuesday, 12 March 2013
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  • Newsletters are two-sided and are generally full-page forms of advertising which offers the chance to include a ton of information-rich content.  Each side can have pictures—small or large—and still include text about high-context products or services.  Newsletters are common in medical and financial industries because there is often so much text content to be communicated, but every industry can make use of the unique combination possibilities of pictures and words.

    You can pick one side to be image-only and the other side to be text-heavy if you want to take a risk with a graphic design that jumps out at consumers to pull them in.  You can also choose to mix text and images together in a pictograph-style format that is as dynamic as it is exciting.  No matter how you go about using these two avenues for connecting with consumers you are guaranteed to make the most of each!


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