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    Booklet printing is a marketing ploy that's worked for innumerable companies over the years. If your company is seeking new ways to promote your services, custom booklet printing might be just the thing that gets you there. There are any number of customization options that you should consider with today's level of technology and professional expertise. You can get just about anything done to your marketing materials when it comes to personalization so be sure you have a vision of everything before you venture out with these fantastic online options.

    Binding : There are several twists on binding that helps give your piece some flare. Most professional booklet printing is side- or saddle-stitched with a discreet set of staples so it doesn't take away from the overall aesthetic. But spiral bindery is also a common option with your choice of plastic or metal coils to hold your pages together.

    Glossy Coatings : These serve a couple different purposes. For one, an aqueous coating gives your custom booklet printing the kind of shine that attracts the reader. A glossier fa├žade lends a certain air of important to your piece which makes it more likely to be kept by the recipient.

    Perforations : These can come in handy when you want to incorporate some sort of takeaway such as a coupon, discount or gift certificate. It can make your booklets more accessible when you opt for an element of interaction.

    Inks : And you thought you were limited to the color wheel. Get your booklet printing covers emblazoned with embossed lettering, neon and metallic inks and even glow in the dark writing. Online printers everywhere are adapting to the creative visions of multiple businesses from dog grooming shops to party rental companies.

    Tabs : When you tab your booklet printing pages, you customize the piece for optimal organization. People can easily finger a section for easy access to whatever it is they're looking for. If it's payment and billing information, give them that option. If it's styles and design options they seek, make it happen faster for your audience with custom tabs.


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